Talking Sustainability

Community Engagement Sessions – Alberni District Secondary School

Through an internship program with the United Nations Association in Canada, ECOllaborate Now hosted a series of community engagement sessions at Alberni District Secondary School in May 2017. Three separate Grade 11 classes participated in an engagement session to explore green jobs and how transportation, air quality, and consumption impact Port Alberni and beyond. Students were given the opportunity to brainstorm what sustainability means and discuss how every occupation from teacher to postman, logger to bicycle mechanic, can be a part of the Green Economy. Sessions further explored actions that could be taken in Port Alberni to improve sustainability today and into the future. The image to the right shows hosts Emma Lavery and PJ Bell along with an idea matrix which shows actions positioned according to how large an impact the action could have and the time horizon that would be required for the action to be implemented.

See more in the event report here: UNAC Community Engagement Report (Bell Lavery 2017).