What we do

Community engagement       –         Organizational Governance        –       Strategic planning          –      Facilitation

We bring perspective, collaboration, and experience. With support and skills to help you synthesize, prioritize, and operationalize, we can provide leverage for your project and organization. Years of experience working with community groups and on boards, facilitating events, fundraising, and organizing round tables, have given us wide perspective and a range of tools to bring to support non profit development and social and environmental planning.

We bring organizational capacity and skills that can help clarify directions, synthesize ideas, and devise strategic direction.

Organizations that ECOllaborate Now has worked with include:

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Want to engage the community at a deeper level? Need some direction to help get ideas into action? Wonder how you’re ever going to develop sustainable revenue streams to fund your work?

ECOllaborate Now can help.

Contact us to learn more about how we might be able to support your initiative.