Emma Lavery, BSc

Patient, Thoughtful, Research Oriented

Emma Lavery is a Project Development Intern for Ecollaborate Now through the Canada Green Corps programme. She believes that making use of community resources rather than shipping in products is important to ensuring sustainability. She also believes that local resources should be managed in such a way as to minimize the impact on wildlife.

Emma grew up in Port Alberni and graduated from Alberni District Secondary School. She has a BSc in Psychology and Anthropology from the University of Victoria. Through her work at the Rollin Art Centre and Science Venture Emma has years of experience creating and delivering lessons to children and youth. Emma developed a passion for outreach education and environmental awareness through school, work, and travel. Emma undertook research on mantled howler monkeys in a rainforest fragment amidst plantations in Costa Rica which gave her perspective into how mainstream consumption habits effect the environment globally. She believes that it is important that we each individually work for sustainability both here at home and globally.