PJ Bell, MA (Planning)

Strategic, Perceptive, Graphic design wizard

PJ believes that enabling and encouraging cycling helps create healthy, equitable, and enjoyable cities. He has a B.A. in Environmental Studies from the University of Regina and an M.A. in Community and Regional Planning from the University of British Columbia. As a UBC student, PJ conducted research for the City of Vancouver on off-street bicycle parking in multifamily buildings. He has also researched bicycle lanes, transit networks, and various ecological planning issues. His Master’s capstone project examined forest harvesting and water quality in the China Creek Community Watershed, which supplies water to Port Alberni. For this project, he worked with the Watershed Forest Alliance and presented his findings to Port Alberni City Council.

PJ currently lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He loves to cycle and is currently trying to master winter cycling in Saskatoon’s cold, icy conditions. He is a board member with Saskatoon Cycles, a non-profit group that advocates for a city in which cycling is a viable year-round mode of transportation that is safe and convenient for all ages and abilities. He is also on the board of the Erindale-Arbor Creek Community Association, where he serves as the Adult Program Coordinator. Finally, PJ volunteers with Liveable YXE, a community-driven initiative designed to bring awareness to the importance of urban quality through local democracy.